A Village is the Heart of a Nation. It represents the values that the people hold dear and important in their lives. The value system that they believe in does not ever change with time; priorities do but not values. Values are built upon spiritual beliefs and truths, traditional culture/ heritage. And these do not ever change come what may.

Malaysia is a country that has rapidly developed in the last 40 years. A rural to urban migration took place to facilitate this development which resulted in numerous benefits to the people. These have been primarily economic. But the economic progress that we are currently enjoying has however come about sadly with a huge price. It has been at the expense of our social fabric and the environment, primarily in the developed urban areas of our beloved Malaysia.

Section 12, Petaling Jaya “Towards an Urban Earth Kampong’ can be a story of how we need to and want to live. It can be based on the wisdom of village integrity and harmony and upon the needs of children, the elderly, single parents, and perhaps even the disabled. Respect and honour for all life through love compassion and respect for the Earth is a guiding philosophy of the Earth Village. It will depend upon each and every one wanting to and making it happen.

This idea was proposed and a concept paper written and submitted formally by Thayanithi Kulenthran who was an executive committee member, to the second Executive Committee of the Residents Association of Section 12. The idea was approved in principle by them. We hope that the residents of Section 12 will over time appreciate and approve the idea to be adopted.

A number of events had since then been planned and executed by the RA 12 Executive Committees and subcommittees that draw upon some of the ideas of the Urban Earth Village.