IF there is ONE plant and flower, that is ever going to change the world from its current trajectory, it will be The Sacred Lotus, Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. Revered by virtually all the religious faiths of the world in some way or another, The Sacred Lotus, that icon of divinity, holds within it secrets, some perhaps yet unknown to humankind. However, it just may not be the time yet for this knowledge to be fully made known. Humankind needs to be ready too, to embrace a story so powerful that it can be staggering!

Thaya Kulenthran, 15 February 2019.


The Conservation, Creation, and Compassionate Harvest of the Sacred Lotus is our primary goal and mission - a mission of Compassion and Peace.  To significantly reverse the un-compassionate living path that we are currently on. And in so doing help change humanity to embrace planet EARTH with love and compassion.

This mission began in the October of 2001, primarily due to cosmic intervention. A cosmic call to one woman. Who had no idea whatsoever was going to happen, as she set forth alone on a journey… Eighteen years have passed since this woman went on that journey and made it into her life’s mission. Thus far the following have been accomplished primarily through her work - that of Thayanithi Kulenthran. To say she did it alone would be most unfair, especially to her husband (and daughter). To whom she is utterly grateful that they have been kindred souls on this journey with her. Many others too have contributed their time in more ways than can be said here. But not all of them could of course stay the course indefinitely.

Work accomplished between October 2001-December 2018:- 


Five lotus wick making workshops and garden visits connected to the Sacred Lotus were organised for women (incl. children)in 2012, 2010, 2008 (2workshops), 2005. A total of about 70 women comprising different faiths and cultures, experienced a Lotus Garden walk, learnt aspects of the Sacred Lotus plant and ecosystem and learnt how to make lotus wicks from lotus flower bud stalks.

The workshops were all self funded. However organising team members for the workshops donated their time.


The 1st Lotus Wick Making Workshop was conducted during Karthike Deepam at the DayAnidhi Earth Sanctuary in November 2005. Karthike Deepam is an ancient festival that celebrates the formation of Lord Murugan and honours Goddess Shakti. Oil lamps are lit all around Hindu homes. Lotus wick making, a traditional and heritage art virtually lost and unknown to the modern Indian woman was revived! A 78 year old aunt of Thaya’s taught this to a group of 15 women ranging in age from 20+ year olds to 50+ year olds. The women who made the lotus wicks that morning used those wicks to light their oil lamps in their respective homes. Lotus flower stalk fibres make excellent wicks; they burn gently, slowly and long, emitting powerful spiritual vibrations.


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16 years with the Sacred Lotus, October 2017 - a guided walk for 4 of Thaya’s childhood class mates


“The Sacred Lotus: Towards WEHAB”  at the South Asia Water Forum, Dacca/Bangladesh; 2004 - Thaya presents during plenary session.

“The Sacred Lotus: Towards WEHAB” at the South Asia Water Forum, Dacca/Bangladesh; 2004 - Thaya presents during plenary session.

“ The Sacred Lotus - A Community Freshwater Reserve” - paper presented at the South East Asia Forum, Bali 2005

“ The Sacred Lotus - A Green Productivity Indicator” - paper presented at Green Productivity Conference, Hanoi/Vietnam, 2003

Presented at an international forum in Malaysia, on the Sacred Lotus; 2002,

A TALK on “ The Sacred Lotus”- World Environment Day, 2007  . Organised by the Kuala Lumpur Circle at the Residence of the Austrian Ambassador to Malaysia.

A TALK on “The Sacred Lotus”- World Environment Day, 2007 . Organised by the Kuala Lumpur Circle at the Residence of the Austrian Ambassador to Malaysia.

Presented a talk on “Compassion for the Earth” highlighting the impact of women on the Earth today and the vibrations created by the Sacred Lotus. Talk organised by the Kuala Lumpur Circle (Association of the Ambassadors’ Spouses) at the Residence of the Austrian Ambassador to Malaysia, 2008


A documentary on the Lotus called the “Flower of the Gods” was initiated by Thayanithi’s daughter Romila Kulenthran. It included conversations between mother and daughter. It involved travel and filming, covering thus far 6 Asian countries. It was done in partnership with Thayanithi between 2011-2012. Further work on the documentary is however on hold due to time and funding constraints.

Presented at international forums in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Bali on the Sacred Lotus; 2003, 2004, 2005.

Developed and conducted a village participatory dialogue to raise awareness of the need to conserve lotus ponds in two villages in Northern Vietnam, 2002. Revisited Hanoi to assess the state of lotus ponds in the city and in a rural district in Northern Vietnam, 2007 & 2011.

Raised awareness of the need to conserve lotus ponds in the city of Hanoi, through the Hanoi People’s Committee and the Hanoi Institute of Socio-Economic Development; 2002

Trained Colorado and Vietnamese experts, on Lotus ponds in Denver, Colorado, 2002


“Afternoon Tea with Thaya”, February 2019. Three of Thaya’s ex childhood class mates, and the wife of one of them were invited for afternoon tea. The objective of the invitation was to provide an opportunity to Thaya’s dear friends to experience the vibrational field of her home.

Embracing the Vibrational Field of the Sacred Lotus over Pre Christmas Lunch, A western lunch cooked by daughter Romila and assisted by Thaya, for 4 young women who are among Romila’s closest childhood classmates. December 2018.

Embracing the Vibrational Field of the Sacred Lotus over afternoon tea, October 2018. Two women - close childhood friends of Thaya’s daughter Romila and the two year old daughter of one of the women were invited.

Developed and conducted a class on The Sacred Lotus and Earth Consciousness,  July 2013

Created two lotus ponds at a goat breeding farm in Malaysia in partnership with the owner of the farm; 2009 & 2008

Participated and contributed towards The Save Tasik Cini Campaign; Tasik Cini is Malaysia’s naturally occurring Lotus Lake

Organised the supply of lotus leaves for a public luncheon at the Temple of Fine Arts Malaysia, 2006

Began a small movement of women growing the Sacred Lotus in their gardens, from 2006. 

Donated a Lotus plant from the DayAnidhi Earth Garden to a Hindu, a Mariamman Temple in Seremban. Conducted a session of Lotus plant awareness to Sunday school children at the same Mariamman Temple.

Created a Sacred Lotus Garden with numerous clay pots of Lotuses and a small lotus pond in the DayAnidhi Earth Garden, 2001-2012