In the July of the year 2006, an idea “DayAnidhi Earth" was conceived, in the Sacred Lotus Garden home of an Asian woman, a woman of Indian origin.

The word DayAnidhi when literally translated means “treasure of compassion”, mercy, kindness. It is a Sanskrit word of an ancient language.  When the word DayAnidhi is verbalised high order, good vibrations are created.


DayAnidhi Earth is a deep and compassionate feeling accompanied with sincere sustained effort among those of us who are spiritually awakened and believe that the Earth needs to be embraced, with Compassion. Because the Earth is a Supreme Living Being ordained by our Creator and upon which humanity is totally dependent upon for our existence and continued survival. The Earth provides us vital life supporting services that we take for granted! Hardly ever feeling or expressing gratitude to the Earth...

And yet the services the Earth provides and supports us with are the basic needs for a human life of wellbeing, contentment and peace. 

Undeniably, if the Earth supports life, providing us our real and vital needs, and those of other living beings, the Earth must indeed have a Soul. With whom we could indeed be communicating. When we awaken to this consciousness, we begin to desire to live with love, compassion and respect for the Earth. We feel a deep sense of responsibility towards the Earth. We are deeply moved to live a life that is not governed by primarily material and economic needs. But which are still met nevertheless, on a simpler and smaller scale.

A growing consciousness begins to evolve all over Earth and we are gradually transformed, albeit over a long period of time.   

Reconnect people with the Earth
That they are one with their inner consciousness
Their Souls begin to listen
To the Spirit and Voices of the Earth
And we respond with Compassion towards Earth

A deep consciousness begins, evolves, and spreads
The bountiful Earth responds,
Giving us not what we want,
But what we need most.


DayAnidhi Earth was founded and is led by one woman: Thayanithi Kulenthran.

It is based on a lifetime of one woman connecting with the Soul of the Earth and the divinity that resides within each and every-one of us.