December 1990
We were looking high and low for a house to purchase in Petaling Jaya. We had been married 10 years and had not yet bought a house. I had been a home-maker for 8 years to raise my two children; we therefore did not have the resources to purchase a house in Petaling Jaya on the one government salary of my husband. My husband worked in Petaling Jaya.

My husband had heard there was a little single storey bungalow up for sale in Section 12, Petaling Jaya. He had taken a drive there to have a look at it. He fell in love with the house. He saw the potential of that house, small as it was, on a little piece of land that was bare and devoid of any trees or shrubs or grounded plants whatsoever!
We bought the house.

And our journey to create our own little garden began soon after on that little piece of bare land in Petaling Jaya.
— Thayanithi Kulenthran

The DayAnidhi Earth Garden Sanctuary is a story of a labour of love, disagreements, understanding and partnership between two people; how the garden began to be created, what happened along the way in these last 28 years, what plants there are, how some of them came to be in the garden, the biodiversity of the garden including its wildlife, how the garden is maintained, what ecosystem services the garden provides, etc.

To-date many adults and children and people from abroad including a few from the diplomatic circle have visited this garden; the key attraction of the garden being the vibrational energy within, the sacred lotus plants in huge urns and a lotus pond. The mature trees, and interesting corners within, the created mini landforms giving the impression of natural contours and the wildness of its landscaping enhance the garden tremendously.  Garden layout design, choice and purchase of young plants, landscaping and actual planting are the personal joint efforts of Thayanithi and her husband.   

As of July 2019, the DayAnidhi Earth Garden underwent a transformation. From being a lush garden in virtually most sections of the garden but for the Lotus pond area, the garden is now a more functional garden. A stretch of tall dark large leafed plants (the banner photo above) and a mound of earth with yellow palm trees and under cover plants to the central fore front of the garden have been completely removed. There is now so much more light. More space to walk, stand and to sit around. And for children, a corner of raised ground under the shade of a mature tree where children can choose to play marbles, five stones, chit chat, have a picnic or hear a story told.


1. The Garden Sanctuary of the Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) Project

The central theme and highlight of the DayAnidhi Earth Garden Sanctuary are the Lotus plants growing in huge clay pots and the Lotus pond created within the garden. The garden began to take on a spirit and a life of its own with the gradual creation and development of the lotus garden within it. The lotus garden was created with no deadline in terms of completion. It just evolved by Thayanithi feeling her way through and with much loving input from her husband, as she went along. And as the years rolled along, it became apparent that there was a vibrational healing energy descending upon this garden that permeated into the DayAnidhi Earth home. This healing energy is attributed to the relationship between Thayanithi, the Earth and her Lotus plants...

In awareness of this healing energy, Thayanithi set about to do the following:-

  • Conduct vibrational healing sit ins within the DayAnidhi Earth home.

  • Invited two friends suffering from terminal Cancer and two who had suffered significant emotional trauma and with whom Thayanithi shared a long history, to experience the vibrational healing of the DayAnidhi Earth Garden Sanctuary.

  • Invited the immediate support family members and primary care giver (3 people) and the terminal stage 4 Cancer patient with whom Thayanithi shared a long history, for a meal cooked personally by Thayanithi at and to the DayAnidhi Earth Garden Sanctuary.

2. The Emergence of the neem

Amazing things have happened in the DayAnidhi Earth Garden. Young Neem plants gradually emerged out of the ground in various parts of the garden, since about 2004-2005. And this is not confined to the DayAnidhi Earth Garden! Even the neighbourhood, in which DayAnidhi Earth is situated, has and is experiencing this phenomenon.

The first Neem seedling was found at the spot where Thayanithi stood looking around her garden, thinking “Hmm, I don’t have a Neem tree in my garden. I should have one. Like my mother did, and my maternal grandmother did. All Jaffna Tamil homes traditionally had a Neem tree. But how can I have one in this little garden? ” Lo and behold, two weeks after that moment of pondering, Thaya stumbled upon a Neem seedling. Sprouting out from the ground at the very spot that she had stood on, pondering!

Of course, birds dropped Neem seeds into the DayAnidhi Earth Garden and people in the neighbourhood are planting them; but perhaps, just perhaps there is more to this than we are aware of.

The Emergence of the Neem tells this story to raise and increase awareness of the Neem plant, so that more people and children will begin planting and growing this Sacred Tree; a highly revered plant among the Indian and perhaps other communities.   

The neem is commonly known also as the Margosa tree in Arabic and the Vepu, Vempam, and Vempu tree among some Indian communities. 


The most recent addition to the DayAnidhi Earth Garden is a planned herbal corner. The garden had already been planted with a herbal lime shrub, a lime shrub, a pandan, mint and a holy basil plants many years ago. But recent additions in November 2018 were Vietnamese coriander, and rosemary potted herbs. Thaya uses these herbs regularly in her cooking for good health.