Being an Earth Carer in the 21st Century through living with compassion, gentleness and firmness, quiet, and peace guided by the spiritual vibration field of the Sacred Lotus.

To get to this stage however, though that is quite a tall order in our current lifetime, there will inevitably be much rife and strife. As we undo and correct practices that we have been used to in the past - the latter 20th century.


To educate about this mystical and sacred plant, and of EARTH.

To create, conserve, and compassionately harvest Sacred Lotus ponds/lakes

The idea emerged way back in 2001, three weeks after September 11. Thayanithi experienced a series of events connected directly to the Sacred Lotus.  It felt as if the cosmic world was reaching out to her with a vital message.

Our current life path is largely not compassionate. This is evident in many aspects of our lives. It is vital to reverse this un-compassionate path of living.

“The Sacred Lotus is symbolic of peace, tranquility and compassion. When we live surrounded constantly by the spiritual vibrations created by Sacred Lotus ponds/lakes and Lotus gardens, a deep consciousness evolves within and amongst us, healing and transforming us gradually into gentler and compassionate human beings, thus further evolving us spiritually.”

Undeniably, if the Earth supports life, providing us our real and vital needs and those of other living beings, the Earth must indeed have a soul.
— Thayanithi Kulenthran


There is nothing more powerful than an idea when its time has come.

And if that idea emerged because of spiritual intervention and guidance, then indeed the power of that idea is tremendous.  DayAnidhi Earth – “Compassion for Earth”, with a Sanskrit word that carries with it powerful spiritual vibrations each time it is sounded, is that idea we refer to – the movement perhaps the world needs for the 21st century.

Spiritual experiences since 1994, and subsequently in her Sacred Lotus Garden Home, coupled with years of communion with the Soul of the Earth in both her parents and her Garden, since she was a 7 year old child, awoke Thayanithi Kulenthran to the idea of DayAnidhi Earth in 2006.

DayAnidhi Earth is also led by her span of life and living experiences during a forty-one year adult hood.  It is a life centred for the most part of her life, around home and garden and to the immediate and priority needs of the family - children, husband and elderly parents. DayAnidhi Earth is based on intuition and courage to live a life of relative simplicity and quiet while engaged with the trials of modern life. It is a life that is kind to the Earth in creating small ecological footprints. It is a life of looking within.

Over the span of forty one adult years, Thayanithi lived differing roles. She was an upper secondary school teacher,  a homemaker, volunteer worker and home tuition teacher, a Research Assistant, an Environmental Scientist, Senior Environmental Consultant, Freelance Environmental Consultant, a post graduate student and finally Principal of her own small sole proprietor company.  The sole proprietor company of Thaya’s was set up primarily to serve as a platform to design, develop and implement Thaya’s ideas and would create a movement of “Compassion for the Earth” through being an Earth Carer. 


Other positions held and contributions include:

  • Petaling Jaya City Council, Local Agenda 21 Working Committees.

  • Council member of the Environmental Management and Research Association of Malaysia (ENSEARCH) 2006 to 2009.

  • Malaysian Cooperating Committee member of the Malaysian Environmental NGO’s (MENGO’s), 2007 & 2008.

  • Trainer and Member of the Research Committee of LESTARI - Institute for Environment and Development, University Kebangsaan Malaysia for the Training Course on Developing Capacity of NGOs for the Practical Implementation of IWRM in Malaysia, 2008.

  • Member of the executive committee of the Residents Association of Section 12, Petaling Jaya from its formation in 2003 till and including 2008.

  • Principal, & Strategic Planning, Development & Operations, DayAnidhi Earth.

  • Principal of Greenfields Consulting the 1st sole proprietor company she formed, 1999 -2006.

  • Lead author on the Millennium Assessment (MEA) on the Inspirational Services of Ecosystems and a Reviewer for Ecosystems and Human Well Being, the first output of the MEA; a voluntary and invited position, 2002-2005.

  • Freelance Environmental Consultant to HICOM Environmental, 1996.

  • Consultant to The Centre for Environmental Technologies, an Environmental NGO, 1995.

  • Contributory Writer for the magazine Green Wave, and IMPAK, a publication of the Department of Environment, Malaysia.

  • Environmental Scientist, Environmental Consultant and Senior Environmental Consultant, Ranhill Bersekutu Sdn Bhd, Consulting Engineers, 1991-1995.